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Frequently Asked Questions 

·       What is the Med Express VIP Member program?

o   The VIP Program is a member enrollment program for our communities that provides Med Express with valuable information to better serve the medical transportation needs of these communities.  It also provides the VIP Member with substantial savings on out of pocket costs for our services.

·       Does everyone in my family have to join?

o   No.  One member enrollment is required for the household.  Each member of the household should be listed on the application and will be kept on file in the event any of these members needs ambulance or medical transportation services.

·       Is there a deadline to join?

o   No.  The enrollment is open and anyone can join at any time, including at the time of service.

·       Are there any fees or hidden costs to join?

o   No.  Joining is free, and the information provided is free.  You or your insurance company will be charged if ambulance or medical transportation services are used.  However, if you are a VIP member, you will be given up to 50% discount on your out of pocket expenses for the services provided.

·       Do I have to be a member of the VIP program to receive services?

o   No.  Ambulance and medical transportation services are available to everyone.  The VIP Member Program is designed to help reduce the costs of these services and save you money.

·       Does the VIP program provide me with free ambulance service?

o   No.  It will, however, give you substantial savings for the services that you receive.

·       Does the VIP program exempt me from paying my Medicare deductible or co-payment?

o   No.  Med Express will submit your claim for the cost of providing services and will receive payment for these services.  However, you still have to pay these portions of your bill.

·       How do I get the 50% discount?

o   You must pay the bill in full at the time the services are provided to get the full 50% discount.  This is for emergency ambulance, non-emergency ambulance, and wheelchair transport fees.  The dispatcher will be able to tell you exactly what the fees are for the services and you can make your payment directly to the ambulance or van operator.

·       How can I find out more about the prices on services and the amount of my savings if I become a VIP Member?

o   You can contact the billing office staff at (337) 623-5734 on any weekday during business hours.

·       How do I get the 12 month 0% interest payment savings as a VIP Member?

o   Please contact our billing office at (337) 623-5734 to set up a payment plan for up to the next 12 months.  You will be given a 15% discount for a 9 month payment plan and 30% discount for a 3 month payment plan.

·       What benefits other than reducing costs does the VIP Member program give to me?

o   You will receive regular updates on information regarding training opportunities, upcoming community events such as healthcare programs and other useful news about our community and our services.  If you need an in-home assessment, this service will be provided by one of our medical staff at no cost to you.  For nursing home residents, you will receive priority scheduling for free "Home for the Holidays" transportation.

·       If I reside in Rapides Parish, is it of value for me to join the VIP Program?

o   Yes.  You will receive VIP Program rewards on wheelchair transports as well as ambulance transports in or out of Rapides Parish. 

·       When do I pay for my services as a VIP Member?

o   You pay at the time of service.

·       If I have Medicaid, Medicare or Insurance, how will I receive cost savings?

o   Your savings will be calculated at the time your services are billed.  Our Accounts Receivable Office will send you a discounted bill after the initial bill has been filed with your insurance provider.